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Mergers, acquisitions and IPO consulting

 Through the landing implementation of strategic planning, Realya (China) can provide clients with mergers and acquisitions, financing and IPO-related strategic initiatives:

Object selection:Realya (China) help clients find high quality objects which are perfectly fit to the strategies ;

Business negotiation:Realya(China)can also represent and assist clients to participate in business negotiations;

Due Diligence:Conducting due diligence (legal due diligence, financial due diligence, business due diligence and operational due diligence);

Valuation: Using scientific valuation methods, and providing objects assessment services to the two sides of M&A

Trading Structure Design:If a M & A transaction is reached, we will help clients design the transaction structure, and help the customer achieve the optimal structure by considering some matters such as taxes planning and payment methods;

M & A integration: the integration planning of enterprises after the acquisition. We can develop integrated plans, design integration process, and explore synergy income as far as possible. With long-term resident guidance, we are committed to help customers complete the acquisition, and ultimately achieve the expected benefits;

Financing consulting:assisting startup enterprises to design business development paths, clarifying business development direction, and deputizing investment channel communication, effectively improving the valuation of startups.

IPO Consultation:Provide a package IPO consulting services of counseling, distribution, pricing and underwriting to clients through effective project management, coordination with accounting firms, law firms, sponsors and securities institutions.