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Strategic consulting

Company Strategic Consulting

    Vision and goals

    Group's long-term/financial objectives

    Business group and business unit combination selection

    Group investment allocation

    Large development opportunities for decision making

Business Group Strategic Consulting

    Business unit portfolio analysis

    Investment allocation

    Relevant growth opportunities selection

    How to create and utilize synergies

Business Unit Strategic Consulting

    What products to develop, in which markets and areas to compete

    How to compete

  Enterprise value orientation

  Sources of enterprise's competitive advantage


    Relevant growth opportunities selection


For most enterprises, the organizational strategies and functional strategies (finance, marketing, products, operations and IT)are only loosely connected together. It is difficult to obtain strategic value systematically. Through the efficient research methods and hundreds of consulting experience, Realya(China) developed the strategic management and landing program specifically for Chinese enterprises, which can effectively clear the direction of business development, rationalize business ideas, thereby enhancing corporate value.